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Roe Vs. Wade Reversal... Gas is Five Dollars and How to Utilize Herbal Practice For Clarity

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Let's be clear- The Wellness Plant is Pro- choice, and we believe that every person has the right to safe and legal abortions. We believe that people have the right to FREE and equitable healthcare and, reproductive healthcare is a human right. We stand with those who might be angry or saddened today because, we believe that every person has the right to choose.


A Little Planetary Astrology...

With Saturn retrograde in the sign of Aquarius- We will continue to see old laws that effect the masses being examined and possibly reviewed and destroyed. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn- the old timey authoritarian. When Saturn (the restrictor) meets the future seeking humanitarian of the Aquarius we see laws and rules that affect us as a human species come into the forefront. In addition to that, right now we have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto is about the unseen, as it rules the deeply hidden Scorpio. In true scorpionic fashion, under the retrograde of Pluto we will see themes of sex, reproduction, violence and other hidden intense dilemmas of our society resurface. With that being said, the mass shootings, the roe vs wade reversal as well as food shortages, inequitable housing, and even a tampon shortage is appropriate for this astrological occurrence. With Neptune continuing its travel in Pisces it feels like we are all in the matrix of disillusionment and confusion. However soon family, we will get the clarity we seek from the universe, and I promise we will be better for it.

Recently, I went to get a routine Pap smear and waited alongside pregnant mothers for three hours to get the care I needed. The office was jam packed with expectant mothers waiting to be seen. This shows that this country has yet to ensure equitable healthcare. Black women are three times more likely than white women to die in childbirth. Women are more likely to die of heart attack because our symptoms of heart attack are more often our back or abdomen pain, not chest pain. Women are more likely to suffer sudden death because men are afraid to give CPR on a person with breasts. As women, our healthcare has BEEN inadequate in this country and now our fundamental privacy in our autonomy of our bodies has been stripped away as well.

Our fear is that the federal government will continue to delegate human rights to state opinion and continue to overturn civil liberties in the name of conservatism, white supremacy and evangelical fascism.

As we brace for what is ahead of us as a country- here is a few herbal tips to help bring you peace during these trying times:

Tip #1 -Practice herbal tea time and meditation

Herbal tea time is ancestral and a type of meditation which is rooted in African traditions. Particular herbs to consider in teas and tisanes include Lavendar, ashwagandha , reishi mushrooms and St John's-Wort to name a few. These herbs calm the nervous system and help relieve stress and inflammation.

Tip #2- smudge with an ancestral herb

There are other ways to consume ancestral herbs other than ingestion- try the olfactory and air energetical means of smudging. Personally- my ancestors worked and cultivated the South Eastern shores of Virginia on Tobacco plantations. Therefore, I routinely smudge with Tobacco. Smudging is a means of spiritual protection and energy cleansing. *smudging with white sage by non-indigenous people is not only native appropriation but white capitalization of indigenous spirituality.

"You will find Cedar in the North, Tobacco in the East, Sweetgrass in the south, these plants have a prominent and long founded place as an African diasporic tradition/religion " – Hess Love

Tip #3 - Plant a herb

Perhaps you love the smell of rosemary, or the taste of mint? Get to know the herb more intimately by creating a herb garden of your choice. Planting contributes to grounding and is also ancestral and meditative. So get your hands in some dirt!

Tip #4 - Breathe

Deep breathing is also meditation and using an essential oil diffuser with your favorite herbal essential oil can help with calming and centering your body.

Stay well family!

-Corinth (Witch of Justice)

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Share your thoughts and drop me a comment below fam!

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