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Ozain: The Mystical Forest Orisha

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

I woke up this morning in a sweat, this often happens to me as a twelfth house Mars placement. My dreams are intense dark and distinct. I decided to watch cartoons to get my mind off my nightmare. I simultaneously started scrolling the gallery of images in my phone and ran across an image of Ozain. I stopped abruptly at this image and studied it. The illustration had Ozain standing in the middle of a beautiful rainforest holding his plant medicine and healing tools, wearing a vibrant headpiece made of bush. Ozain is my protector and has always protected me, I was comforted in this imagery. A mighty healing energy- Ozain is the personification of the power of herbal healing. A one-legged, one-eyed ruler of the forest and plant medicine- he often carries a gourd which contains his healing secrets.

A depiction of Ozain in my gallery

Ozain derived from ancient Egypt and was transported from the ancients to their descendants in western Africa then later the black diaspora. You can find worshippers of Ozain from the Congo of Africa to the Santeria worshippers of Cuba. Every plant is under the command of Ozain's powerful energy. A medicine man and a sorcerer his energy is a duality. Ozain dwells in the trees and he is sometimes represented by the hanging gourd. It is said that Ozain has no mother or father- He was conceived through the joining of Earth and waterfalls. Depictions of this powerful Orisha often show him with a cane, looking disheveled with gourd in hand. Though, he walks with a cane and has one eye and one small ear he is the strongest possibly of all orisha- he can hear and see all with his commanding understanding of nature.

A replicated depiction of Ozain, spellings of his name vary

I learned about Ozain in 2019 after taking an informative afro herbal class. I decided to build an altar inside my home dedicated to him and sit within his energy. Gathering supplies for this sacred space included an herb printed cloth, green candles, a planter with peppers I had grew, beads of yellow and green made by my daughter and a picture of the one-legged Orisha. I turned off the lights as I often do and made offerings of money, plants and cigars. I had no idea what to expect but within my time of meditation and prayer I realized that his energy was very familiar. Sitting in front of his newly built shrine, I was surrounded by orbs and the light loving presence of Ozain. I immediately understood after spending time before this altar that Ozain had always been with me.

I remember my great- grandmother Emma (rest her soul) would say to me, " You ain't never had no real friends...all you do is go off alone in the woods, you'd be gone for hours playin' in the woods somewhere". As a little girl, with Neptune and Pluto heavily consuming my birth chart- I would do strange things. I remember going into the woods all the time, dancing amongst the birds chirping, finding new plants, strange insects and secluded creeks. Most of all though- I remember the trees! I was never scared to go into the woods, and I would go barefoot sometimes even hugging the trees and feeling comforted in the broadness of their limbs and sturdiness of their trunks. That was the same comfort I felt sitting before the altar of Ozain. Ozain was always with me, always protecting me even as a little girl.

Reflecting on the energies of Ozain this morning, allowed me to pull myself out of my Neptunian dream world- allowed me to sit at the feet of my plant ancestors and served to calm me. This is often the case with us, regardless of our birth chart- nature is a means to true healing, true comfort and true self-discovery. The plants that surround us are ALIVE, able to convey the messages of ancients and the secrets of healing.

me circa 2019 in Tallahassee FL amongst a tree ancestor

Just thought I'd share a little of Ozain's magick with you today! Think of his energy anytime you use our products, notice a tree or need protection/healing. He is within all of us because he is the essence and understanding of nature. Check out some of our herbal products:

Until next time family!! Love and Light!!

P.S if you have time, stream this enchanting documentary: "The Green Planet" which we found extremely fascinating!


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