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The Wellness Plant, Corp. is owned and operated jointly and equally by Corinth Bradley, BSN. and Samantha Hubbard-Bradley. We have a vested interest in improving holistic health to the communities we belong. Corinth Bradley has been a Registered Nurse for a little over 12 years and is currently in pursuit of obtaining a degree in Nurse Practitioner while Samantha is beginning her training to become a certified dietitian. We have a background which includes many holistic/herbal and naturopathic classes and certifications. We have studied traditional practices of ancient herbal remedies as well. Together we have  knowledge in western medicine and healthcare, energy healing, tarot, and spiritual and traditional hoodoo practice. We will use our combined knowledge to help facilitate the healing and wellness our communities so desperately need. 

As descendants of powerful Black healers and medicine women, we embrace our calling to break
generational curses and cyclical patterns of toxicity from our communities with the strength, knowledge, and wisdom inherited  from our ancestors. Ase'


    dreams and passion manifested...   

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